These are various projects, which I've either started, or contributed to significantly.

ImageKit - ImageKit is a personal project of mine, which I use for rapidly developing image processing filters and computer vision algorithms. The library is written in C, with CPython bindings, making it easy to prototype a filter/algorithm in Python to be later ported it to C.

PyMySQL - A pure Python MySQL driver implementation (ala MySQLdb), which I have contributed a lot of code to.

Doze - A lightweight SQL wrapper and database relation inspector, written in Python, for MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLite, meant to be used for import and data processing projects.

TV4X Scaling Filter - Continued work on my TV4X scaling filter, which emulates the look of old CRT TV's, and can use a variety of pixel layouts.

Python-Murmur3 - Python wrapper around the MurmurHash3 library, known for being incredibly fast and having very few collisions.

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