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I created this site, as a place for me to write about projects, thoughts, and obsessions I currently have. It's named after one of my favorite episodes of Star Trek, titled "The Omega Glory", in which Kirk's team stumbles upon a planet almost exactly like Earth, which has been nearly destroyed by war, and gets sucked into a conflict between the two main tribes.

The site, itself, is written in Python with Django, using PostgreSQL as the backend database. I decided to build it with Django, as opposed to Wordpress, because Wordpress is a piece of software that I have come to loathe. I've worked on several projects using Wordpress, including my old blog, as well as several "Wordpress Sites". It's slow, the codebase is an absolute mess, most of the plugins don't work very well, and it's admin interface is horrible. It's basically everything I don't want to be associated with. On the other hand, Django is very clean, organized, follows relatively good coding standards, is easy to extend, and secure.

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