About Me


My name is Cameron Eure, and I started programming when I was 13. The first language I learned was a variation of BASIC, but I later went on to learn C and C++ while in High School, and ended up picking up jobs, here and there, doing programming and other tech related things. I now work as a freelance programmer, doing Python, C, PHP, and sometimes other languages.

I have a genuine love for technology, which was sparked at an early age, by working on and building computers, playing video games, and most importantly, and playing around with my older brothers Commodore computer.

My personality is a bit obsessive. I always strive to become better at everything I do, and work towards improving myself. This has been both a blessing and a curse at times, but overall I think it's been a good thing. One of my latest obsessions is image filtering/processing.

I love arcade games, and I'm a pretty good tetris player. I've acheived the "Grand Master" grade in "Tetris: The Grand Master", and am currently ranked 12th outside Japan. I've scored over 600k points in NES Tetris (w/killscreen), and have qualified for the Classic Tetris World Championship. I've also scored over 850,000 points in Flicky.

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